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Careful: People Don’t Want To Know

Many Christians will feel vindicated by research that shows that more people respond negatively to having a Christians talk to them about faith in Jesus than respond positively. Many of us don’t share our faith, fearing we might turn someone away from Jesus. Apparently, we are right!

Steve Addison has an interesting blog somewhat sarcastically saying, “If only Jesus and Paul had known this.” He teaches the approach of looking for the “person of peace”. Yes, there will be rejections but Jesus taught the disciples to look for those who were open. See this page and this post on the site.)

On the other hand, does this result simply remind us that some approaches taken by Christians are unwise and are counter-productive? If so, what are the principles of effective evangelism?

In my opinion, Steve Addison’s blog is well worth subscribing to. Anyway, read this post and let us know your thoughts. The blog contains links where you can read about the research presented to the Church of England.

To read about the original research…

Talking Jesus – pdf booklet summarising the research done for the Church of England

Article in The Telegraph

Peter Cheyne