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The Most Important Part of Youth Ministry

What is the most important part of youth ministry?

Cameron Cole explains in this article which is an adaption from his book, Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: A Practical Guide.

I read this article a few days ago and then lost track of it. Trying to find it, I googled “gospel-centered youth ministry”. I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of articles pointing out the importance of young people coming to faith in Jesus, not just being entertained.

Simon Ponsonby’s Letter To The UK Church

Simon Ponsonby, pastor of theology at St Aldate’s, Oxford, expresses concern over the loss of understanding of the gospel and the tendency towards many gospels. Is the church merely accommodating itself to contemporary culture? He argues that there is only one and explains what it is. His real concern is that, if we lose the gospel the church will become merely nostalgic about a former glory but not experiencing it.

Read the article here.

What do Christians mean when they say…?

Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to include the video on this page so you might just have to view it here.

John Crist asks people what they think Christians would mean when the use certain phrases such as “love offering” or “10/40 window” or “not seeing the fruit”.

It is funny.

But it also reminds us that we can exclude people by using words we understand but they don’t.

Do Members Have Responsibilities?

How much do we require of church members?

This article is excerpted from Jonathan Leeman’s book, Understanding The Congregation’s Authority. It is entitled “Your 7 Job Responsibilities As A Church Member”.

He lists:

  1. Attend church regularly
  2. Help preserve the gospel
  3. Help affirm gospel citizens
  4. Attend members’ meetings
  5. Disciple other church members
  6. Share the gospel with outsiders
  7. Follow your leaders

Does it seem extreme to you? Or is that just because we are so often soft on what membership means? What is the biblical picture of the responsibilities of membership?

I wonder if we should add to what Leeman has listed. Should the “job description” also include:

  • all of the “one another” commands
  • living a life worthy of the gospel
  • etc

What do you think membership involves? What do you actually require of your members?

Peter Cheyne