30 Life Principles

Charles F. Stanley has written a series of blogs on what he considers to be 30 Life Principles, based on the Charles F. Stanley Life Principle Bible (2009). They are listed here (each linking to a fuller description) for your consideration.

  • Are these the 30 life principles you would identify? What would you add or remove? (Remember, they are life principles, not theological principles. What are the key principles for living the Christian life?)
  • Might a similar list provide a curriculum for discipling a believer?
  • Is there a preaching series here?
  1. Our intimacy with God
  2. A life of obedience
  3. Not yet located
  4. Energised by His presence
  5. The unreasonable will of God
  6. The principle of sowing and reaping
  7. The dark moments in our life
  8. Fight your battles on your knees
  9. The thrill of trusting God
  10. God will show you His will
  11. His promise to provide
  12. The key to continued peace
  13. Listening to God – Walking with God
  14. God acts on our behalf
  15. God’s pathway of brokenness
  16. When plans turn to ashes
  17. Standing tall and strong through prayer
  18. Victim or victor?
  19. Holding too tightly
  20. Overcoming discouragement
  21. Obedience always brings blessings
  22. Walking in the Holy Spirit
  23. You can never outgive God
  24. The key to the Christian life (Allowing Jesus to live in and through you)
  25. Passing on God’s blessing
  26. Burden or bridge (Adversity)
  27. Prayer: Our time-saver
  28. Together in the Christian life
  29. The valley experiences in our life
  30. Anticipating the Lord’s return

Peter Cheyne

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