Who’s Who

Presbyterian AFFIRM Exec Committee

Rev Steve Jourdain and Rev Dr Stuart Lange (Co-Chairmen)
Rt Rev Peter Cheyne (Ambassador)
Rev Ben Dykman
Rev Karen Nelson
Rev Dr Mark Keown
Valerie Tracey (Administrator)

National Council of Presbyterian AFFIRM and National Association of Presbyterian Evangelical Churches

The Exec Committee (above) plus:
Rev Peter Bristow
Heather Coster
Rev Peter Dunn
Rev Keleva Faleatua
Rev John Gullick
Rev Ian Hyslop
Rev Emma Keown
Rev Chong Woo Kim
Rev Dr Martin Macaulay
Rev Dr Colin Marshall
Rev Rhys Pearson
Rev Ralph Penno
Alex Robinson
Rev Dr Stuart Vogel
Rev Jim Wallace

One thought on “Who’s Who

  1. Greetings Affirm
    I am the National Secretary of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations (within the Uniting Church in Australia.
    I am wondering when your National Affirm conference is this year. Your website says Thursday 2nd October, but I think that may be last year’s date.
    My wife is a ‘kiwi’ and we will be in NZ in October. Another one of our leaders may also be interested in attending.
    Blessings in Christ,
    Rod James

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