Peter Cheyne is employed quarter-time as the AFFIRM Ambassador.Family-28091 cropped 2

His role is to:

  • visit and provide encouragement and support
  • speak or preach
  • run training events
  • make people aware of the resources and support that AFFIRM offer
  • link churches and ministers with resource people who might be able to help them.

Peter is available to teach on a range of issues. His primary focus is disciple-making, the implementation of the Great Commission. There are many resources on disciple-making on his website

Do feel free to get in touch with Peter ( He is here to help.

What he can offer

Workshops, talks, preaching etc on the following topics are all possible. His brochure explains more of what he, and AFFIRM, have to offer. A fuller description of workshops etc offered.

The Mission of the Church

  • What is the Mission of the Church?
    What are we meant to be doing?
  • The Mission Sequences.
    Is there are pattern that we can see in Jesus and the early church – a sequence of steps that leads to effective mission?
  • What if our mission is not what we think?
    (An amalgam of several other workshops.) What is our mission? What are the key components? One model that ticks a lot of the boxes.

What is Success?

  • Measuring What Matters.
    What is success in a church? How can we know if we are succeeding? How can we measure spiritual things?


  • We loved you so much.
    Learning from Paul’s disciple-making practices in Thessalonica.


  • Evangelism Through Stories.
    Using story-telling to introduce people to Jesus.
  • Developing A Culture of Evangelism.
    How can churches be more evangelistic? (Based on “The Mission Sequence”)
  • What is the gospel?
    There is great confusion about what the gospel actually is. That then means that Christians are less confident about sharing it. What does the Bible say?
  • Not Ashamed of the Gospel
    A study of 2 Timothy. When we feel that society will no longer accept the gospel, we are tempted to either modify it or remain silent. Learn how Paul approached this as he encouraged Timothy.


  • How To Grow People.
    Disciple-making using the principles modelled by Jesus.
  • How can churches make disciples?


  • How to be part of a movement
    What are the characteristics of movements that spread rapidly?


  • Various modules available
    Topics such as:

    • What is leadership?
    • What are the key functions of leaders?
    • The leader’s character
    • Leadership styles
    • Vision
    • Leading change
    • Developing leaders
    • Teams
    • Self-leadership
    • Time management

Strategic Planning

  • A Simple Planning Process
    Knowing where you want to go and how you plan to get there can make all the difference when the alternative is drifting.

Communication and Preaching

  • Communication for Christians
    Applying a simple model of communication to the life of the church – newsletters, preaching, evangelism etc.
  • Preaching
    Various modules. How to preach God’s Word so as to make a difference.


  • Truth In Love.
    In the midst of the current controversy, what are Christians to believe about homosexuality and about relating to homosexuals?

Please remember also that there are lots of other people within AFFIRM who have their own areas of expertise and are available to help. Peter can coordinate this. Please contact him.



One thought on “Ambassador

  1. As the minister at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Manurewa, I would like to take this opportunity of sharing the wonderful blessings we received from Peter Cheyne during the the time he spent with us from the 4th to the 7th of September 2014.
    We had special services which were geared to challenging and growing our congregation in Mission, Vision and Disciple Making. To achieve our goals we organised our time with Peter as follows:-
    1] Thurday 4th —- A Leader interacting with Leaders
    2] Friday 5th —- A Leader interacting with Young People
    3] Saturday 5th —- Seminar [part 1] Disciples making Disciples
    Seminar [part 2] Disciples making Disciples
    A group of leaders took Peter our for a time of sharing around the table on Saturday Evening. The weekend was closed with a wonderful sermon followed by communion on the Sunday morning.
    We have seen real spiritual growth and received only wonderful comments regarding Peter Cheyne’s visit. Praise the Lord.
    We at St Paul’s would like to highly recommend Peter and suggest that you invite him to visit your church. You won’t be sorry!

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