Can We Just Agree To Disagree?

Trevin Wax has written on The Gospel Coalition site, questioning whether those who hold a traditional view of sexual morality can accommodate those who want to revise that understanding (including the pressure to accept homosexuality and to redefine marriage). Can we simply give space to everyone?

There are some in the PCANZ who claim to hold a biblical view but also call for the church to make room for everyone, so this is very relevant.

Wax’s answer is a clear “No” for several reasons including the following:

  1. The revisionists (those who propose a new morality) don’t actually want there to be multiple views. They want their view to prevail. As Wax says, “they don’t ultimately want just a space at the table. They want the table.”
  2. While many revisionists claim that tolerance is required for effective mission today, that tolerance is not actually calling people to repent and turn to Jesus. Again, in his words, “As the Sexual Revolution wreaks havoc in the lives of people around us, Christians have the opportunity to proclaim the Scripture’s moral clarity–not as a barrier to the faith, but as the beacon of light in a morally chaotic world. To be faithful in this time, the Church must be a haven of hope, a refuge in the midst of sexual chaos. We won’t be able to do that if we think the way forward is “agreeing to disagree.””

“What we have is not historic Christianity, but a mutation of classic Liberalism, only now the emphasis has shifted from denying or downplaying Christian miracles to denying or downplaying Christian morality,” he says.

The post is well worth a read. In fact, you will find many other great resources on The Gospel Coalition site.

For another article by Trevin Wax on the same subject, but making different points, click here. In this one he considers the call to unity at all costs and questions who it is that is dividing the church.

One thought on “Can We Just Agree To Disagree?

  1. An enlightening article that helped put things into perspective in our context in Australia. I followed the link and found that very helpful too. Thank you for posting.

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