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Today’s Help – The Amazing Disappearing And Reappearing Cross

This article by Bill Fleming made me stop in my tracks when I first read it. How easy it is for our preaching to fall into the traps he mentions when we are not preaching the cross. It is very easy to simply exhort people to do better or to give them principles for improving their lives, with no need for Jesus and His cross.

We can exhort unconverted people to live Christian lives but not lead them to the cross so that it becomes possible.

At the end of the article, Fleming says, “The cross is the one, true remedy we have to offer a broken world. Let us be sure to display it proudly.”

The Amazing Disappearing and Reappearing Cross by Bill Fleming

Learning From a World Champion Public Speaker

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi was the winner of the 2014 World Championship of Public Speaking. What can we learn from him about public speaking?

Presbyterian AFFIRM has a concern to support the development of preaching. Obviously there is more to preaching that simply the delivery but delivery is one crucial aspect and we can learn from an expert.

As you watch this video, consider how Dananjaya uses:

  • his voice
  • his body
  • humour
  • props
  • silence
  • audience interaction
  •  What was his main point and how clearly was it made?
  • Could you diagram the structure of his talk?
  • It is about 7:23 long. How much was he able to say in that time? Would it have been better if it had been longer, or shorter?

Add your observations below this video. Let’s have a discussion about what this might teach us about preaching.