Consensus Kills Courage

I like Carey Nieuwhof’s podcast and writings. His work on leadership is challenging, very practical and level-headed. Check him out at

In this piece he argues that, if we look for consensus before we act, we will do little. Bold ideas are not always adopted straight away. We need the courage to act anyway because consensus kills courage. We need to be willing to act alone. Great leaders have had to step out without having everyone on side.

That is balanced by a recognition that simply being independent and pig-headed can mean that we are jerks. We still can benefit from advice and we still need to test our ideas by looking for others’ buy-in, but after we have taken the initiative, not before.

Do you have a vision that others’ haven’t yet caught onto? What is it? Do you believe it is of God? Do you have the courage to make a start trusting that people will see its value and join you?

Why It’s Time to Give Up on Your Desire for Consensus


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