Is Sanctification Also Necessary For Salvation?

In this video, Tim Keller and John Piper wrestle with the question of sanctification and its place in our salvation. Will I be saved if I put my faith in Jesus but do not live a holy life? Do I need to repay God for what He has done for me?

These may sound like theoretical questions but they are real for normal Christians. What does happen to the person who responds at an evangelistic rally but shows no signs of being a follower of Jesus? If holy living is necessary, how much must I do?

You might like to do some wrestling yourself.

One thought on “Is Sanctification Also Necessary For Salvation?

  1. This dialogue on Sanctification is very good- if you are not being sanctified you do not have saving faith…!
    It puts into words what is in my heart to share – an incredibly important teaching which many Christians struggle with in regard to salvation and the proof thereof for ones own peace. We can always see the work of Holy Spirit within a Child of God. He never fails us. Takes me to Jude – Now unto Him…

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