Is There Middle Ground?

In the sexuality debate, people have sometimes held out hope for a “third way” but it has never been found. Indeed, David Gushee, a pro-homosexual ethicist, says there can be no compromise, only complete acceptance of homosexuality. You can read his article here.

Gushee talks of scriptural convictions as “discrimination” and says that society is changing on this issue so radically that any who don’t change will be marginalised. There is no doubt that society is changing but Christians have always sought to obey God, not people.

Listen to this Breakpoint commentary.

One thought on “Is There Middle Ground?

  1. David Gushee is at least honest on the main issue of “Middle Ground”. A decade back when NZ government did not take much note of submissions, they were told that their envisaged legislation would be the thin end of the wedge which has been realised in the US with blatant discrimination against many who follow the Sacred Writ. Now one can almost choose one’s one id in spite of DNA evidence and any public arena (could include churches) should use the new “non-indiscriminatory” pronouns.

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