Presbyterian AFFIRM (in conjunction with Anglican and Methodist AFFIRMs) has a number of booklets very suitable for private and group study.

For further information, please contact You can also place orders by ringing (09) 8338153. Note, this number is shared by Massey Presbyterian Church and is not always manned.

15% discount for 10 books or more.      Postage:  1-4 booklets = $2.00,   5+ booklets = $3.50.

Please make cheques out to “Presbyterian AFFIRM”.

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What Is The Bible? - Francis Foulkes, 20 pages, 1997, $4

Francis Foulkes answers a common question posed by many in today's society. He describes how the Bible came to be written, its impact on both the life of individuals and the tradition of the Christian Church, its relevance today, its relationship to science and how it influences the way we believe. it is an honest, down-to-earth appraisal of the world's best-selling book.

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Euthanasia - George Bryant, 24 pages, 1997, $4

The topic of mercy-killing is being hotly debate around the world at present. George Bryant looks at the major arguments for it and poses a Christian response. Some big issues of the faith are discussed such as the meaning of life and death, compassion an the sanctity of life. To what extent should people be allowed to suffer? Do they have to? What about palliative care? Where do one's rights figure in the debate? If euthanasia is legalised then what are the boundaries? Where does it stop?

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Christian Marriage - Francis and Marjorie Foulkes, 20 pages, 1997, $4

In this age when marriage is under threat from a number of quarters, Francis and Marjorie Foulkes remind us of the foundations of true, Christian marriage. Such a statement is very timely. What, indeed, is the Christian understanding of marriage? In this booklet they discuss the sacredness of the marriage bond, the partnership of husband and wife, the issue of sex outside marriage and the various alternatives to Christian marriage.

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Is Jesus The Only Way To God? - Bruce Nicholls, 24 pages, 1998, $4

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The Return Of Jesus - Rob Yule, 28 pages, 1998, $4

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The Truth About Gambling - Peter Phipps, 31 pages, 1998, $4

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The Resurrection Of Jesus - Murray Harris, 32 pages, 1998, $4

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Good News For The Poor - Bruce Nicholls, 32 pages, 1999, $5

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Growing Great Kiwi Churches - Gordon Miller, 48 pages, 2002, $5

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Human Cloning: To Fear Or Not To Fear? - Gareth Jones, 32 pages, 2004, $5

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Heal The Sick - George Bryant, 40 pages, 2005, $6

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The Discovery Of The Beginning - Rob Yule, 48 pages, 2006, $6

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What's God Up To On Planet Earth? - Mark Keown, 156 pages, 2010, $20

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What's God Up To On Planet Earth? - Mark Keown, tract, 2010, 70c

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 An additional “book”

Peter Cheyne is writing “A Christian’s Guide To Homosexuality“. If you are confused about all the things you hear on this topic ad want to know what God says, read the draft version.

3 thoughts on “Books

  1. Dear Affirm team,
    I am a PhD student in England that needs to get hold of the following book: Murray J. Harris, The Resurrection of Jesus
    Issue 8 of Affirm booklet (Affirm Publications, 1967).

    It is obviously out of print and not available on amazon etc. Maybe an old Presbyterian minister connected to Affirm might be able to help? I’m willing to pay.

    Yours faithfully

    Ferdie Mulder

  2. Yes, the date (1967) was wrong but this is one of the AFFIRM booklets and this request was attended to at the time.


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