Christmas videos

Please remember that it is strictly not legal to download YouTube videos. Also, some of these may be promotional versions of videos that you are expected to buy. Please respect people’s work and their right to earn an income from that work.


The Christmas Story

Christmas Starts With Christ

The next few videos have been produced by “Christmas Starts With Christ”. See their Youtube channel.

No Pressure (Christmas Starts With Christ)

Donkey (Christmas Starts With Christ)

Innkeeper (Christmas Starts With Christ)

Christmas Starts With A Baby’s Giggle (Christmas Starts With Christ)

Operation Christmas (Christmas Starts With Christ)

A Mummy Trick (Christmas Starts With Christ)

The Innkeeper- John Piper poem

Birth To Cross Line Drawing

As Told By Children

St Paul’s, Symons Street, Auckland

2008 When God Was Born

2010 The Christmas Story

2011 Good News Of Great Joy

2012 An Unexpected Christmas


2013 Star News Bethlehem

Story time With Ellie

The Christmas Story – Kids’ Perspective

Retold Using Technology

The Digital Story Of the Nativity

A Social Network Christmas

The Beatbox Nativity

The Facts Of The Story

Retooning The Nativity

The Meaning Of The Story

Charlie Brown’s Christmas

That’s Christmas

See also the Christmas Music Videos

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