Election 2017

We will not come even close to suggesting for whom you should vote but we will provide resources to help you think through the issues and know the parties.

If you know of other resources, please let us know.


The Electoral Commission page for voters. Make sure you are enrolled etc.

On the fence – asks you to say where you stand on a number of issues and then tells you which party you align to most. Fun, easy and possibly surprising.

Policy – produced by The Spinoff. Read summaries of the various parties’ policies in different areas (e.g. Economy, education, justice…). Indicate which ones you like and see where you stand.

Value Your Vote – compiled by Family First and reflects the issues Family First believes are of primary importance – often “conscience” issues. The site includes the parties’ policies plus the voting records of the leaders and MPs.

Vote Compass – TV1’s “tool developed by political scientists that calculates how your political views compare with the public policy positions of parties in New Zealand.”