AFFIRM is keen to help develop people’s preaching since preaching is such a crucial means of communicating God’s word and growing God’s children.

Loud and Clear 2012 – How To Begin Preparing A Talk. (N.B. this is the first a series of 6 talks. There are links below the video.)

See the following talks in the series

  1. How To Begin Preparing A Talk
  2. Finding A Main Focus
  3. Structuring a Talk
  4. Body Language and Delivery
  5. Critiquing
  6. Final Words Of Advice Q&A

Tim Keller on writing a sermon

One thought on “Preaching

  1. Biblical Preaching -Haddon RobinsonThis approach has rialcaldy transformed how I preach and my effectiveness. The greatest help for me has been the notion that every sermon should have ONLY ONE Big Idea anchored in the text. It should be clear, concise, and 15 word or less. The sermon should seek to either explain it, prove it, or apply it. Anything that doesn’t move the sermon farther along to explain, prove, or apply the Big Idea must be saved for another day. (just because it’s a powerful truth, funny story, or amazing illustration, if it doesn’t drive toward the Big Idea it will only distract from the Big Idea )

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