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Leading People To The Prodigal God

To my mind this is brilliantly clear and enormously important.

It could be used for personal reflection or as a discussion-starter, using questions such as:

  1. What delights, shocks or annoys you in this talk?
  2. Do you identify most with the older or younger brother?
  3. What do you think of the contrasts between
    1. I obey therefore I am accepted versus I am accepted because of what Jesus has done therefore I obey
    2. I give God a righteous record and then He owes me versus God gives me a righteous record and then we live for Him
  4. How do you respond to the suggestion that two people can be in church, saying the same things and doing good but with two radically different motives?
  5. How would you express the gospel to someone who enquired?

Peter Cheyne