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That Talpiot Tomb

It has become traditional, at Easter, for the media to run stories questioning some key aspect of Christianity. In our own country, for years on end, there wereEaster pronouncement from Lloyd Geering (or someone similar) denying some aspect of Christianity and declaring that the church would be extinct within a few years.

This Easter, one of the breaking news stories concerned the Talpiot Tomb in which, it is claimed, the ossuaries of Jesus’ family have been found – including the bones of Jesus Himself and evidence that He was married and had a son. It has been presented as scientific and with statistical analysis that “proves” the extreme likelihood of its truth.

The “scholars” involved are Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron. Oh no, sorry! They are both filmmakers.

If it were true, Christianity would be completely undermined. The resurrection is central. Paul has said that if Jesus didn’t rise and there is no resurrection, we are to be pitied more than anyone. Christians being told, on very good authority (supposedly), that a central tenet of their faith had been disproved, might well be unsettled.

But how much of the story is good science and how much is hype?

CNN has run a story by Joel Baden and Candida Moss entitled Jesus’ Tomb Story: Does The Evidence Add Up? It describes the claims and then examines the evidence. The article also includes a video about the claims and links to other articles refuting those claims.

The conclusions are very different from the claims made.

Peter Cheyne